Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Ventured

It's been a month now, and I don't seem to have made much progress. I've done a lot of thinking and a bit of prep work, but haven't posted anything as yet.

The thinking has been along the lines of "what would I be comfortable putting online under my own name?" That's been tough. I feel pretty safe about the "professional" stuff - notes and research on Web development, marketing, strategy, and the like. But it's all so painfully boring to me. The problem is that the topics that I enjoy, and that draw an audience, are all in the category of "ammunition for the enemy" category, and I figure I will need to
remain anonymous in order to be myself in those regards. How ironic is that?

The prep work has been along the lines of sorting through (literally) thousands of files containing information I have online in other places, or took offline at some point, or never put online in the first place. There's an awful lot of it, and much of it is old - and I tend to be fussy. I look at something I wrote last week and felt pretty good about, and suddenly think it needs more "work" before it's ready to be put online. Nothing ever seems quite good enough. Another bit of irony is how people who half-know me see me as a "Type B" personality.

Eventually, I'll either beat things into good enough shape to be put online, or I'll loosen up a bit and just do it.